The best personal investment you’ll ever make: Touch typing

Some investments pay more than others, for developers this one pays the most.

For some reason most people don’t take this topic very serious: Touch Typing. But it adds up into hundreds of hours of wasted time single every year.

Debug with the scientific method and preserve your sanity

Debugging is an art. An art that is honed and crafted over many years and after finding many bugs – you develop a six sense to where problems might originate or how they might be fixed. However, some bugs are just too damn hard to fix quickly – in which case you’ll need the scientific method.

How to build resilience and master your emotional responses

Being in control of your emotions and your reactions to situations is crucial as a team member and as a leader.

As software developers we don’t take a lot of interest in our own “emotions” and we often neglect how much they have the ability to improve or detriment our careers.

A simple strategy for staying calm under pressure

If there’s one thing I’ve seen across every leader that I’ve worked with over the years, it is that they are calm under pressure. The world might seem to be crumbling around them, but they hold it together for the sake of the team. Most leaders don’t become calm under pressure by chance, they achieve it through deliberate practice and by having a process.

5 tips on how to: ask powerful questions to get powerful answers

Asking questions is incredibly important as a skill – knowing when and how to ask questions can really drive your development and not knowing how and when asking is important can leave you missing out on so many opportunities.

Enable strong conversation with 3 versatile metaphors

As software developers – our world is increasingly complex with each line of code. As technology progresses, we’re given more tools and more jargon. Our language can quickly separate us from the others that work around us, and isolate those that don’t really understand. It’s a developers job to try and make their work and their communication as simple as possible. One way to achieve simpler communication is through metaphors.