Bird by Bird

A candid book on motivations to write, dealing with oneself and finding the courage to speak up. Filled with compassion and little jokes. I found myself having to share passages with those around me. Annes got a very pointed wit that makes the book a great read. I will be recommending this one in future!


A book I wish I read earlier in my career. Godin makes an passionate case for the employee who’s driven to make a difference, to do the “work” not just their job. Godin shows us why “playing it safe” can be the riskiest decision we make.

Expert Secrets

A great marketing book. Especially from the angle of the individual wanting to invest in their own skills. The opening line: “Expert secrets is the second part of a journey you have already started” sums it up pretty well. I’ll be reaching for this book again in the future when it comes to positioning a product or individual. A call to arms for individuals to capitalise on their skills and share them with the world. Russell offers some serious advice on positioning products and expertise.

Mans Search For Meaning

A short read. The book begins recounting chilling memories of the Holocaust. At every turn the author seems to escape death. A tale of how grit, perception and will can bring man through even the darkest of moments.
“They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.”

Perennial Seller


What a read. I loved this book. I know I’ll be returning to this time and time again in the future.
Perennial seller started out a life as a book about book marketing itself. Ryan runs a successful book marketing company. After getting urged to write the book he started it. In the process, Ryan pivoted from “book marketing” to creating a classic work. A perennial seller.
In his early life, Ryan worked with the author Robert Greene. I’ve heard Ryan quote many times a single line from Robert that seems to have made a lasting effect on him. That question was: How do you write a classic? To which Robert replied:
It starts by wanting to create a classic.
This line summarises the book. The book is about how to create lasting work. Not only in writing but in anything. A product, a company or an idea that stands the test of time. That people return to time and time again and love.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You


Cal’s book centres around the main hypothesis that we should “do what we love”. Cal calls this the “passion hypothesis”. That following our nose is the best way to find work that we love, and are passionate about. In the book, Cal offers a different perspective, in how we can find passionate work. This view is that: to gain passion and happiness with our work one must first become valuable. Those who are valuable receive rewards usually associated with “finding your passion”. Finding our passion is therefore a dangerous or impossible task without committing to mastery in a given field.
Despite some editing related criticisms, the book felt like it had some good insights. The insights made the book overall worthwhile. I’d recommend it for anyone starting out or frustrated about work they’re currently in.

The Daily Stoic: 366 meditations on wisdom, perserverance, and the art of living

For those not aware, Stoicism is an ancient philosophy. It is where the word ‘Stoic’ originates in popular culture. The meaning of the word is different from the practices of the philosophy, though.
The philosophy originates from ancient letters. Sent either to others or written to the philosophers themselves. The letters are notes on wisdom and how to live and persevere. They serve as reminders to the writers on where to focus their energy and their focus to live a life of purpose.