As software developers – leadership is important for bringing about change and influencing and supporting those around you.

Tribes is an empowering book about leadership and spreading your message that applies to anyone, but also to software developers.

Whilst editorially choppy at times, tribes has an empowering message – that we all have a story to tell and that we owe it to the world to tell our story.

For software developers – this is relevant if you want to create a following, or even create influence within your current business.

It’s clear tribes was a book created out of Seth’s blogs, as it’s quite choppy at times – each chapter doesn’t seem to fit with the previous.

However – it’s a collection or articles about an almost guerrilla style of leadership, one that’s more fitting to the modern world.

This leadership can be used to spread a message within an organisation (intrepreneurship) or outside and beyond.

Whilst it’s probably going to fit into the marketing category, I think it’s a great addition to any software developers book shelf on the more subtle, yet powerful methods of communicating a message and ‘creating a tribe’.

Tribes has an overall inspiring and empowering message – stating that working on your message and aligning it with the world view of your followers is essentially what creates a following.

It’s great for those looking to increase leadership or influence or wanting inspiration on creating and sharing a message.